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Michelle Wheeler


Over the last six years, Michelle has trained clients virtually and in person at multiple studios. With a passion for all things health and wellness, Michelle has worked closely with clients to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Over the years, she’s taken her education and what she’s learned through various certifications to create an empowering, upbeat, and ever changing method. She’s making her dream a reality and making clients SWEAT.

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What our clients say . . .

  • So grateful! This program has kept me on track. I really think it was possible for me to lose weight.

    Betsy G.

  • The best thing I have done was to start taking time for myself and finding Michelle. I followed Michelle to her new studio, she has taken my fitness seriously and has taught me to do the same. I feel the best I have felt in many years, thanks to Michelle and SWEAT!

    DeeDee J.

  • Sweat Wellness is so much more than a gym. The space is fun and welcoming. Michelle has pushed me to achieve levels that I never thought were possible. Her routines are challenging and achievable. Trust me, I look better now than I did in my 30s.

    Jan C.

Why Sweat
Wellness & Fitness?

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The methods we use at Sweat Wellness & Fitness are what make us so unique. Every workout is different and provides bursts of cardio with muscle engagement to sculpt long, lean muscles. We have everything you need—knowledge, experience, and equipment.

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